Technical Business consulting has multiple focuses and can be defined in a number of ways, however; there are some common themes. In my definition, I can help you to obtain maximum potential of your technology: Websites, Social Media, Company Branding, Business Applications, and Databases.


Is your website bringing customers to you, new and old? Does it provide important information easily to your clients? Is it optimized for search engines? Are there updates that need to be made or would you prefer to redesign the entire site? Does it take advantage of the latest technologies and appear responsive and display well on devices of all sizes?

Social Media

This is a very big topic right now as an opportunity to advertise, as well as keep your clientele informed. Is your business using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram effectively to stay engaged with your customer base?

Company Branding

When you see the golden arches or an apple with a bite out of it, you instantly know what company is associated with them. There are some very simple things you can do to make your brand more recognizable. Is it time for a new logo? Do you have a consistent brand across all mediums? i.e. website, company sign, letterhead? Does your logo work in all sizes? How about colors? Though this can be a huge undertaking, it may also require some tweaks to up your branding game.

Business Applications

Do you perform tasks that are repetitious, tedious and it seems that there has to be a better way? There probably is! Have you ever wanted to improve a redundant/repetitive business process? Whether creating a proprietary solution, web-based or server-based solution or possibly even using Microsoft Word, Excel or Access to introduce automation?


Databases are so incredibly helpful to add, modify and store information and present back to the user effectively, accurately and efficiently. Do you have a database project that you would like to explore? We can diagram solutions as well as create multi-tier solutions for your business.

So as you can see, even though “Technical Business Consulting” is a broad area, the opportunity to improve your business is limitless. If you would like to explore any of these areas further, please contact me.