My name is Denise Nelson and my background is fairly straight forward. I attended the University of MN, twin cities campus and earned a Bachelor’s of Biological Science degree. I then worked for an Insurance TPA and had an opportunity to move up from a customer meservice representative position to Program Manager. Seven promotions / changes in 8 years taught me a lot about myself and what makes me tick.


  • I am a sponge for learning.
  • I desire to work in the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • I greatly prefer to do the job correctly the FIRST time.
  • I love technology look for creative ways to have it intersect with business in a way that it adds to productivity and enhanced communication.
  • I work hard and enjoy walking the fine line of big “challenges” vs seemingly “too difficult”.
    (I have also learned that it is good not the stay on that line very long.)
  • Critical thinking is really fun!
  • I have a true passion for processes and improvement of process via technological automation.


I returned to school and received a diploma for Microsoft technologies. I then transitioned, and was hired as a contractor for a major health care provider here in Minnesota. Each step, I had and opportunity to add “nuggets” of information, knowledge, process, technical skills and learn from the intersection of them all.

In 2005, I decided to start dNelson Consulting, LLC and began to pick up side projects. In 2011, I went though a number of health issues requiring seven surgeries and as a result I was laid off from my full-time job. (They called it, “elimination of position”) I saw it as an opportunity to get better and redirect my focus.

I continued to fight to heal physically, began homeschooling our teenage daughters and continued to consult and design/develop websites whenever possible.